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Subproject 6

Proteome assessment of organohalide respiring species and quantification of dehalogenating enzymes in pure and mixed cultures in response to various electron acceptors

Martin von Bergen / Nico Jehmlich (UFZ Leipzig)


High-resolution mass spectrometry techniques are used to obtain a deeper insight into the proteome of organohalid respiring bacteria and to determine the expression level of different dehalogenases. For the first objective shotgun proteomic analyses (LC-MS/MS) are performed to get a proteome inventory of different Dehalococcoides sp. and to elucidate the expression of biochemical pathways under different cultivation conditions. In the second objective selected reaction monitoring - mass spectrometry (srm-MS) is done to obtain targeted expression data of specific dehalogenases in the presence of different halogenated compounds. The specific quantification will yield insights into the correlation between substrate, culture conditions and involved biochemical pathways and the expression of orthologous reductive dehalogenases.

Scheme of shotgun proteomic analysis 


Selected References:

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Martin von Bergen group