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Subproject 2

Biochemistry of respiration in Dehalococcoides strain CBDB1

Lorenz Adrian (UFZ Leipzig)

In subproject 2 we will investigate the biochemistry of organohalide respiration in Dehalococcoides strain CBDB1. Focus of our studies will be the biochemical description of reductive dehalogenases. These enzymes are membrane attached and responsible for electron transfer to halogenated compounds. Preliminary data shows the presence of a corrinoid cofactor and iron sulfur clusters. In strain CBDB1, reductive dehalogenase homologous genes make up the largest paralog group in the genome comprising a total of 32 different genes. A second goal of this project is the  identification of biochemical activities in some of these reductive dehalogenases.

Another topic of the project is the description of the electron flow to the dehalogenases via proposed membrane-bound electron mediators. Here, we will closely cooperate with subproject 3 which focuses on the description of hydrogenases and formate dehydrogenase in strain CBDB1.

Electron micrograph of Dehalococcoides mccartyi cells

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Lorenz Adrian group