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The past FOR meetings

Past meetings:

2017, December 7th: FOR 1530 Research Unit Final Meeting, Jena, Seminar Room

2017, March 26th to 29th: DehaloCon II, see Menu Left for Details.

2016, September 12th: Meeting in Leipzig, Seminar Room from the Proteomics Group. 

2016, April 14th to 15th: FOR 1530 Research Unit Meeting organized by the Doctoral Students of the Research Unit. This Meeting took place in Weimar and featured three invited Guest Speakers (Elizabeth Edwards, University of Toronto; Sandy Pernitzsch, University of Würzburg; Thomas Brunold, University of Wisconsin-Madison).

2015, June 19th: Regulation and Transcriptomics of organohalide-respiring bacteria, Halle

2015, September 14th to 15th: FOR 1530 research unit meeting, Nebra, Saxony Anhalt (see picture below)


2014, September the 15th to 16th: Kick-off meeting 2nd period research unit FOR 1530, Eisenach

2013, July 19-20th: FOR1530 conference organised by the PhD students, UFZ Leipzig
guests: Frank Löffler (University of Tennessee), Wolfgang Nitschke (Centre national de la recherche scientifique, Marseille),
Julien Maillard (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)

2013, June 4th: Dehalogenation and Benzene Degradation Workshop

2013, Friday the 15th of March, 10 am at the UFZ (KUBUS, room 2) in Leipzig:
Dehalogenation Workshop with Max Häggblom (Rutgers University, New Brunswick, USA)

2012, 11th of december, 12:15, Jena seminar, room 124, Philosophenweg 12, PceA of Sulfurospirillum multivorans

2012, 4th to 5th of october, FOR 1530 meeting at Hotel Kaiserhof, Naumburg, Germany.

2012, January the 30th, Philosophenweg 12, Seminar room, Jena seminar on reductive dehalogenation
Topic: Dehalogenases in Sulfurospirillum multivorans, PceA, PceB and the electron transport chain.

2011, 28th to 30th of september Kick-off meeting FOR 1530 (see picture below), Schwarzburg, Thüringen, Hotel Weißer Hirsch

2011, 16th of august, 15h seminar in Halle, Kurt-Mothes-Str. 3, Room 200: Hydrogenases in organohalide respiring-bacteria

2011, 22nd of june, 14h, Leipzig, UFZ, Kubus, room 219: Reductive dehalogenation in Dehalococcoides